Text 17 Feb Comparative Analysis (Television Networks)

ABS-CBN vs. GMA vs. TV5

News and Public Affairs

                Compared to the News Broadcasting Style of GMA to the two other large TV network, GMA delivers a more informative and more interesting to watch because of the way they present the issues.  I didn’t say that the Broadcasting news of ABS-CBN and TV5 are not informative but when GMA broadcasts their news they show them with more details than the other two networks. Of course, the format of the delivering the news is just the same but when it comes to the news casting style of the news reporters and anchors, there is a lot of differences.

                The news casting styles of Mr. Noli de Castro, Mr. Ted Failon and Ms. Korina Sanchez are smoother than Mr. Mike Enriquez and Ms. Mel Tiangco. Mr. Noli de Castro, Mr. Ted Failon and Ms. Korina Sanchez speak clearly than Mr. Mike Enriquez and Ms. Mel Tiangco, especially with Mr. Mike Enriquez because he is so fast and it is so distracting to hear his voice delivering the news in that kind of tone and rhythm, that you cannot concentrate on the news anymore but to the sound of his voice, unlike Mr. Noli de Castro, Mr. Ted Failon and Ms. Korina Sanchez, they deliver the news clear and sound. The Tulfo Brothers also have a clear voice when delivering their lines compare with Mr. Mike Enriquez.

                The field reporters of the three networks present their news just the same. They deliver their news bravely that they will even cover the deeper and dangerous part of the issues. However, since TV is just new in the field, I’ve noticed that their field reporters are still young; maybe they are still afraid to risk everything, that is why some of their news lacks intensity.

Morning Programs

                Usually, Morning Programs like ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda; GMA’s Unang Hirit, and TV5’s Kumare Club have the similar formats. They deliver news as a recall of what had happen the last days and also the latest news gathered. They also have lifestyle news, since most of their audience are mothers who wake up early morning to prepare their children at school, so they show things that will help mothers to be practical in what they do. Another thing is that, they also feature health care where they show some healthy lifestyle like eating the right kind of food, exercising, just like the Kumare Club are doing where they invite mothers in their studio to follow Chicky Roa-Puno’s dance step.

                The hosts on their shows portray an informal and happy ambiance that the audience could relate to them. They show lightness to the show, that even though they are professionals, they still have a time to have fun and be an ordinary person.

                Include in the morning shows are the anime or cartoons showed. Since children wakes up early, they placed the cartoons on the timeslot where children are already awake. After that anime and cartoons have been shown, talk shows will now appear on the scenes. This is the time where some mothers are preparing for lunch and find some time to watch TV waiting for their dish to be cooked.

                Just like in ABS-CBN, Kris TV, where they feature entertainment and lifestyle as well, which is well suited for mothers.  In GMA, they have Boy Logro’s Kusina Master, where it shows culinary experience presented by Chef Boy Logro with a different approach; he cooks at the same time make s people laugh without affecting his cooking. While in TV5, instead of talk show or cooking show, they deliver news entitled Balitang Tapat anchored by Raffy Tulfo and Amylyn Veloso.

Noon Time Varity shows

                Nothing can defeat Eat Bulaga on this timeslot. Any noontime show that ABS-CBN had try to compete from Eat Bulaga has gone and sweeps them off in terms of the Ratings. The latest is the Happy Yippee Yehey! Which is nearly be eradicated again due to its low audience rate compared to Eat Bulaga. What lacks Happy Yipee Yehey to Eat Bulaga is the new way of approaching people and also the way they put up a comedy show. Of course, Eat Bulaga has built their identity and credibility as a noon time variety show that marks to each and everyone’s mind and heart that is why it is so hard to defeat.

                ABS-CBN is not wishing to beat Eat Bulaga’s ratings but to have a closer fight with each other, that is why they will turn Showtime, which gained a huge audience share, into a noontime varity show because they know that they will not be getting a single digit rating from them, that they can get even ¼ of the audience share at that timeslot nationwide.

                TV 5 do not have a noontime show, but I read on the newspaper that they will release their own noontime show hosted by Mr. Edu Manzano and Ms. Shalani Soledad.

Primetime Shows

                In terms of the primetime shows of the ABS-CBN, GMA, and TV5, I can say that ABS-CBN do best in this especially the dramas/teleseryes. Compared to the two networks, ABS-CBN produced dramas with an amazing story and unique concept which is new to the taste of the audience and that audience too can relate to the story being shown. Also, I’ve noticed that that they teleseryes really portrays Filipino values that shows a good example to the people. Just like a number one hit drama 100 days to Heaven which is a comedy/drama series with a background of moral values that each Filipino would relate. Unlike in GMA, they stocked on the fantasy they had done in the past that is why most of their teleseryes are fantasy which is very usual and nothing’s new.

                One factor that the teleserye of ABS-CBN stand out among the other network is their actors and actresses; they really produced very good and exceptional actors. ABS-CBN talents really prepared to play their roles that are why when you watch them on TV you will not see Coco Martin, or Kathryn Barnardo, or Zaijan Jaranilla, but you see them as Daniel, Mara and Santino.

                The reason they are very good actors is that, ABS-CBN really gave them workshops before starting to shoot the series so that artists will be comfortable with each other and will not have any hesitation to do what the director want them to do. Unlike in GMA and TV 5, they really lack preparation in terms of performances of the actors and actresses.


                If you will notice, GMA shows more advertisements/commercials than ABS-CBN and TV5 because they are not a member of KBP, because if the network is a member of KPB they will be an agreement that the commercials and advertisements will become limited.

                Another thing is that, these three networks know how to place a right advertisement for a particular show. No doubt on that. 

Text 3 Feb Local Independent Film Review (Nino)

I’m really not into indie films because I have an impression on them that I will get bored watching them and it lacks entertainment factor compared to the mainstream movies. However, after watching this movie, I realized that indie films are not just a low budget movie that only focusing on story telling and setting aside the entertainment value, but, it is a film that awakens everybody’s sleeping minds from the world full of fantasy to the real world. I’m not telling that all of the mainstream movies do not have this kind of factor, but most of them are too commercialized that they only depends on what people fantasizes to make sure that they will earn a big money out of it. Whereas in indie films, it really shows what the real world looks like.

Nino is a 2012 Cinemalaya Entry directed by Loy Arcenas. Loy Arcenas has received several awards for his work as a production designer in the United States. These include Obie for Sustained Excellence of Scenic Design, the Bay Area Critics Circle Awards, the Jefferson Award, the L.A. Drama Critics Circle, and the Michael Merritt Award for Design Collaboration. He has also worked as a director with the Ma-Yi Theater Company. In the Philippines, Loy has done some award-winning stage plays with the Tanghalang Pilipino.

Nino is about the Villa Los Reyes Magos, the decaying mansion of the Lopez-Aranzas, is the only remaining emblem of the once illustrious family of Gaspar and his sister Celia. When former congressman Gaspar slips into a coma, his opera doyenne sister Celia waits for a miracle through her grandson Antony, who she clads in Sto. Niño garb. But harsh reality in the figures of their children, Merced, Mombic, and Raquel, pushes the inevitable: the impending sale of the mansion to give way to a commercial venture. Celia wages her last battle to regain the glory of the past by hosting a splendid tertulla, her final eulogy to her own moribund class.

The stars of this movie are the exceptional performers of Philippine theatre and opera. They are Arthur Acuña, Fides Cuyugan-Asensio, Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino, Tony Mabesa , Raquel Villavicencio, Diana Malahay, Joaquin Pedro Valdes and introducing Jhiz Deocareza

            In the movie “Nino” I’ve witnessed different social issues like incest relationships, homosexual relationships, sibling rivalries and others that as we observe in our community today, this is really what is happening right now. The story is simple, there is a split decision on what the siblings are doing to the decaying mansion of their uncle named Gaspar, someone wants it to be sold, the other one, the sister of Gaspar, don’t want to sell the mansion because that is the only emblem left in their family and so on and so forth. As for the title of the movie Nino, Nino pertains to the child named Antony where because of Celia’s deep devotion to Sto. Nino, she dressed his grandson the clothes of Sto. Nino. Though the boy here portrays the title role of this movie, he is not the focus of the story, but he is an important character that will build everyone’s relationship back again to each other and to God.

            I love what the actors and actresses deliver their lines, it is so natural that just by listening to their dialogues, it’s enough for you to entertain, the action is there already, because there are some movies that when there are some “conversation” scenes, it is so dragging that I got sleepy and bored, but in this movie, I’m always waiting for their next delivery of lines and they successfully gave that to me.

            One thing I noticed and I slightly did not like on that movie is that, they put too much of shocking revelations like Merced’s secret relationship to her boarder which is a girl, and Mombic’s past romantic relationship with his cousin Raquel, and then Raquel’s son which admitted that he is gay. I mean, two is enough, another one is too much, it seems like this family is full of social issues that too much to handle.

            The ending of the story made me teary eyed, teary eyed in a sense that I almost cried and it didn’t flow fully because it’s “bitin”. I was slightly disappointed because I like watching movies that made me cry, it made me feel that the over all performance of the movie is effective. But here, it seems like, “andun na eh, tutulo na luha ko, nabitin pa kasi natapos na kagad” . I expect that the ending will be a dramatic one, that I will shed into tears and feel sad about what happen. L

Text 3 Feb Foreign Independent Film Review (The Reader)

When I watch the movie, I thought that it would be a movie that is full of sex scenes because that’s what it is. But as the story goes by, I’m starting to appreciate the story and I was not disturbed at all to the sex scenes showed in the movie because my focus is on the story. I mean, I’m nothing against on the sex scenes, actually it brought the foundation to the story, It’s just that I’m not used to watch sex scenes that they almost bare all.

The Reader is a 2008 produced by Miramax Films, directed by Stephen Daldry which is based on the novel written by German law professor and judge Bernhard Schlink. The Reader. The Reader opens in post-war Germany when teenager Michael Berg becomes ill and is helped home by Hanna, a stranger twice his age. Michael recovers from scarlet fever and seeks out Hanna to thank her. The two are quickly drawn into a passionate but secretive affair. Michael discovers that Hanna loves being read to and their physical relationship deepens. Hanna is enthralled as Michael reads to her from “The Odyssey,” “Huck Finn” and “The Lady with the Little Dog.” Despite their intense bond, Hanna mysteriously disappears one day and Michael is left confused and heartbroken. Eight years later, while Michael is a law student observing the Nazi war crime trials, he is stunned to find Hanna back in his life - this time as a defendant in the courtroom. As Hanna’s past is revealed, Michael uncovers a deep secret that will impact both of their lives. THE READER is a story about truth and reconciliation, about how one generation comes to terms with the crimes of another.

I’ve got some points to tackle about this movie, first is the story. The story is about being illiterate is just a common situation. These are experienced by people who do not have money to provide their educational needs and grow and live their life that doesn’t know how to read and write. It is a usual situation in our society that in this movie brought spice to it and produced an exceptional product.  But in this movie, they gave a different attack to the story and brought more sophistication on the product. The movie portray the characters of Kate Winslet as Hanna, of being an illiterate person that is very determined to learn through the help of his friend David Kross as young Michael that reads her stories on the book to the point. They made a deal whit each other that they will have sex after the boy read her stories. On that part, Hanna is really willing to give everything for her to hear the stories that Michael is reading. It shows to the movie how much she wanted to learn and to feel what the book is all about. On the movie, the boy is going to Hanna right after school, doing what they used to do. There is a part that really stroke me, when they are both lying on the bed and Michael is reading her the story on the book; the boy who cant wait to have a sex with her, asked her permission if is it ok to have sex, but then she told him that he should read her first before they sex, and the boy read it again without any hesitation and then after Hanna was satisfied on what he read, she told him that it’s now alright to do it, and the boy excitedly took off his clothes and they do it normally that it is now part of their daily routine. I mean, they gave justice to the situation about a boy who is just exploring himself and a woman who is persevered to learn something from him. Until their relationship got deeper and felt that they now care for each other. The part that really touched my heart is when she got imprisoned for being part of Nazis even though she is just a victim of the situation for being part of the Nazi. And Michael, now a law student, attended the Nazi war crimes trial of six female former S.S. concentration camp guards, one of whom is Hanna. Through listening to the testimony, Michael comes to the realization that he is in possession of information which could save Hanna from a life in prison, information which she herself is unwilling to disclose. In deciding what to do, Michael is torn between his differing views of justice. The scene where the boy sends her recorded tapes of his voice reading stories together with the book that contains what he is reading on the recorded tape, while she listens to it, she’s following what she is hearing on the recorded tape on the book at the same time, until she did learn how to read and write which is a big achievement for her because she did it all by herself. For me, that is so touching because she is so persistent that being in jail did not affect her of desiring to learn to read and write. It really made me cry and felt that it is really not too late for you to do things that you wanted. This movie really is an inspiration for the people to not to lose hope. His is a kind of movie that the movie that can stand alone just by its story. Very inspiring.

The actors and the actresses are very good indeed especially Kate Winslet where she won an Academy Award for best actress in this movie, which she really deserve. She gave justice to her role as a former member of German Nazi even though she is English. On the movie, she speaks a German accent which is perfectly performed because she really sounds as German. That is what acting is all about, you do not just act in front of the camera, and you should internalize the character and make it feel that the character you’re playing is you. That is what Kate Winslet had achieve, an effective and natural actress. 

Text 3 Feb Magazine Review (Enrich Magazine)

Magazine Review

            Enrich Magazine is a healthy lifestyle and living magazine. With the latest regional business and general news and hottest trends in travel and lifestyle, combined with thoughtful and entertaining features from a stable of renowned foreign and local contributors, Enrich serves to inform and entertain readers as well as act as a bridge between Mercury Drug stores and their customers. Enrich is released monthly with a print-run of 30,000 copies and sold at over 750 Mercury Drug stores nationwide which makes Enrich the Philippines biggest and best circulating magazine.

The following are the feature topics of Enrich Magazine:

World 360

Discussion about top stories from around the world, especially those concerning the Philippines, on business, environment and lifestyle.


Smart Investing

Tips and tricks from the experts on how to invest and manage money.



In-depth coverage of specific business, social and lifestyle topics that are currently making the news. Also includes sections of local features highlighting the culture, art and heritage of the Philippines.


Healthy Living

Expert report on new findings, treatments and medical discoveries to inform and enlighten the reader.


Travel and Destinations

A foreign and local destination featured each and every month


Benefits /Updates

News and latest offers, exclusively for Mercury Drug customers.


Fashion and Beauty

The latest trends in clothing, jewelry and beautification products.


            In addition to that, Enrich aims to inform its readers on the latest updates in the world of business and lifestyle, as well as highlighting the synergy between Mercury Drug and its customers. With aspirational features covering topics from investment and health to lifestyle and culture, Enrich is the custom magazine of choice for those wishing to keep in tune with what’s happening around the region.

            Due to the nature of Mercury Drug shoppers your advertising will reach a wide array of consumers in the A, and emerging B and C markets. This readership and advertising opportunity is unequalled by any other magazine or advertising medium in the Philippines.

It is a monthly magazine that will be sold through Mercury Drug stores in
750+ locations throughout the Philippines. The Geographical coverage plus monthly increasing print run will ensure that your targeted advertising will be read by over 500,000 people each month who need information on your products and services.

  • 70% Greater Manila.
  • 30% Provincial

The October 2011 issue of Enrich magazine has a theme “Halloween” they have two seasonal features about this festive occasion celebrated widely around the world – the first, a health-related expose and other, a sound debunking of supposedly ghost-infected locales in the Philippines. For the sports fans, they featured the US NBA’s annual hoops season that began in the end of October, which Kobe Bryant made them their cover page. They also feature the annual Breast Cancer Month which they celebrated every October, that’s why they featured it here. They have a first hand testimonial entitled “Yes we Can!” Fight the war against it which is continuing on the health front, they tackle a condition known as CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome in an information-rich write-up entitled “Always out of Energy?” Ligaments and tendons are the subjects of a separate article on “Our Internal Body Connectors,” the healthy states of which are vital to free and painless bodily movement in everyday living. Also, they always have their educational, lighter and entertaining sides. “Smile Theraphy.Coms” reveals great internet sites we can log on to whenever we nay be feeling blue or simply need a quick break from mundane routines or long burdensome chores. They also feature what some famous movie stars did before they achieve worldwide popularity which is entitled “Before Stardom Came A-callin”. Lastly, they also feature tourist’s spots in the Philippine.

            This magazine features a lot of health related topics that the reader will learn a lot on having a healthy and happy life. Even the advertisements are related to health care and being beautiful. Actually the first thing that you will see as you turn the magazine on the next page is an advertisement related to health care. Also this magazine does not only promote good health but also tourism. They are showing the beautiful tourist attraction. They only not feature the landscape itself but also the culture of the place where that scenery is located. Just like what they feature here in the October issue is the Bagiuo and the Pearl Farm Beach in Davao. Moreover, they also feature places that are “Spooky”, though the magazine do not intend to frighten the readers, but to be curious about the places and show how beautiful those places really is.

            They have a slight feature on famous stars in Hollywood which is still related on health care and their beauty lifestyle. What I like the most to this magazine is that they are giving tips on how to live a healthy and energetic life. I addition to that, they featured also delicious and healthy foods which can eat not only those people who are not in diet but also those who are health conscious.

            Based on the content of the magazine, I can say that they are targeting those people who are health conscious or people who wanted to change their diet in a healthy way because they will really learn something by reading this magazine especially how to prevent the major illnesses like cancer. However, one thing I noticed in this magazine is that, they only feature a few topics that explain why they have a minimal number of pages. Moreover, the magazine is too simple that people might not give attention to this magazine. The layout is too plain, but the content of this magazine is substantial. For me, if they will consider the lay outing of this magazine, they will produce a perfect output that readers put their attention to read this magazine and at the same time enjoy its content.

                        All in all, this magazine does not only give information to the readers but also help them to live a healthy lifestyle.



Text 27 Jan Para Kay B (Book Review)

Para Kay B

            Para Kay B is a fiction book created and written by the famous and brilliant scriptwriter Ricardo Lee also known as Ricky Lee.

Lee is also a fictionist, a journalist and a playwright. Among his famous books are: Si Tatang at mga Himala ng Ating Panahon (an anthology of his fiction, reportage, behind-the-scene musings and the full screenplay of Himala), Pitik-Bulag Sa Buwan Ng Pebrero, Brutal/Salome (the first book of screenplays in the Philippines), Moral and Bukas May Pangarap. His screenplay for Salome has been translated into English and published by the University of Wisconsin -Madison in the U.S. as part of its textbook in film studies. He has written more than 130 produced film scripts since 1979, earning for him more than 50 trophies from award-giving bodies. He has also been awarded the Natatanging Gawad Urian. Most of his films have been shown in Cannes, Toronto, Berlin and other foreign festivals. Among these are Himala, Moral, Brutal, Rizal, Anak, Madrasta, Macho Dancer, Bulaklak ng Maynila, Bagong Buwan, Nasaan Ka Man, and the Flor Contemplacion Story. Recently, his film Himala won the CNN award for Best Asia-Pacific film of all time. 

            In his book Para K B, he made not only one story but a collection of stories about different forms of love that reflects of today’s society which is interconnected to each other to form a one whole story. The book is written in Tagalog slang (Tagalish) which presents a realistic view of what is the community at present. The novel consists of the love stories of five women; the first story is about Irene, a girl with an exceptional photographic memory that at one glance of things, she can easily remembers them all. She falls in love with a guy named Jordan but because of the prank of fate, they came to an ironic situation, to the fact that Irene has a very sharp memory and Jordan just forgot her easily. The second story is about Sandra who fell in love and had a serious relationship with his brother named Lupe. This situation is very controversial especially in terms of Filipino norms and beliefs which is anchored with our religion but I think still happens at present time. The third is the story of Erica. It is a fantasy story where she lived in a town that nobody knows about love and romance, until she magically came to the world where there is full of love and romance where she met Jake who deeply falls in love with her. The fourth story is about Esther with another social related story about the same sex relationship, with Sara, her friend that is always at her side no matter what. The fifth is the story of Bessie, a girl who doesn’t want to be seriously in love with guy, she’s just having a sexual relationship with every guy he met until Lucas, a guy that no matter what kind of woman or what other people may say or judge Bessie, he still loves her. This is the part where the twist and turns came out. The story turned out that the writer of the four stories is Lucas and he offers that story to his only love Bessie that is why the book was entitled “Para Kay B”.

            Mr. Lee had done a magnificent job in this novel because it gave different kick love story. It is not a typical love story that we usually see in movies and television where there is always a happy ending. This book reflects to the real situation of today’s society, that only the few are given the chance has a happy ending in love. This book gave different kinds of feelings to the readers, such as “kilig”, disappointment, and even disgusts especially those parts with controversial stories. It also brings a suspense feeling to the point that you wouldn’t want to stop reading the book and go for keep on knowing what will happen on the story. It is also a fun book to read because Mr. Lee uses words that are, though vulgar and bold, yet everybody could relate with the story because this is what other people used to do or say in reality and he composed those words with creativity. There is a certain potion that you feel like you are watching a movie, which you can really picture out the scenes described by Mr. Lee in the story. He gave a full detailed description of the story that will truly work out your imagination especially the story of Erica where Mr. Lee portrays a fantasy world of love. There are also mind blowing scenes in the story especially the incest relationship of Sandra and Lupe, where they had a child because of their love to each other, but though the story had a negative impact to me because of the its moral issue, at the end of the story, it gave a touching feeling that calm my heart. Mr. Lee effectively gave that attack to the readers that at first you will feel something bad, but at the end, you will feel soften. The same with the same sex romance of Esther and Sara which they had a sexual affair without the knowledge of her husband Lucio, Mr. Lee make me feel understand the situation of these people.


            Though there are some flaws like there are dragging parts, for instance the part where the characters talked to Lucas and fighting with each other of which of them should have a happy ending. One thing that I can say on that part is that, the concept of Lucas talking with his characters, but all I can say is that Mr. Lee should not over do that because there is a point that reader wanted to know what will happen on the stories but instead it made the story longer that for me I think is not that necessary. However, it also has its good point where it gave the reader an exciting and hanging feeling towards the ending of the story. But that flaw is not that noticeable, still the story and the style of Mr. Lee writing this book prevailed.


Text 27 Jan Comparative Analysis (Tabloids)


            Tabloids are widely used newspaper than the broadsheets especially to the masses because they use a language that is understandable by everyone. Compared to the broadsheet, tabloids are smaller and seems like the content are compressed especially when you will notice the front-page, there are many headlines that features the stories inside. Though they have a same format, they still have their differences in terms of style/presentation, language use, and target readers.

            Many tabloids that we know use Filipino or Tagalog or even Taglish  language in their articles. Just like Abante, Abante Tonite, and Philippine Star Ngayon unlike Tempo and People’s Journal Tonight, they are in English format. In Filipino or Tagalog format tabloids, they uses vulgar or slang words in their headlines or titles for their news articles, for instance, on the January 25, 2012 issue of Abante it said “KC nagpasilip ng pisngi ng puwet sa magazine; another in Philippine Star Ngayon, it said “15 Mangingisda Minasaker”; in Abante Tonite, it said “Lola Na-sandwich sa container vans”. As you can see, this is how they present their headlines, which is I can say that effective strategy to gather readers because it is really catchy, you will be curious about the story. Whereas the English format tabloids specifically Tempo and People’s Journal Tonight, since they are in English, the words doesn’t seem offensive which lacks appeal to the reader especially the masses. This only shows that these English format tabloids targeted not only the masses but also people in higher class.

            In addition, tabloid parts also have different approach. I’ve noticed in Philippine Star Ngayon and Abante, the headline of the titles of the stories are not like the other headlines that are telling first effect and then the cause, but in these two tabloids, it is vice versa, the cause is being said first then the effect. For example, “Maayos na raw ang kalusugan, GMA ilipat sa ordinaryong selda –Comelc DOJ” from Philippine Star Ngayon, another from Philippine Star Ngayon in entertainment section. “Interes sa Bangko di nababayaran, Condo unit ng aktres, malapit nang maremata!”. From Abante, “Sasobrang inip sa impeachment trial, Miriam, muntik magbaril ng sarili”. This is unique approach that might or I can say that it really works in catching attention of the readers because even in words, it expresses intensity and aggressiveness which brings action to the stories.

Mostly the stories inside the Tagalog and English format tabloids give emphasis on violence or crime news and political issues such as the story in Philippine Star where the three salvage victim found their bodies in different places, another is the story from Tempo where Senator Miriam Santiago is back again at the Senate for the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona after a week long absence due to hypertension, also the story on People’s Journal Tonight where a mentally challenged child, aged 13, was buried a bolo in her frail body seven times by the neighbors in Camarines Sur. These kinds of stories are the types of story for me I can say that people would want to read because it brings intensity them that made them curious about the story behind it. Another thing is that Editorial

            Sports page will not be erased in newspapers. These tabloids present local and foreign sports news but give emphasis on local sports news especially the PBA which targeted PBA fanatics. There is one thing that I’ve noticed in Philippine Star Ngayon, Abante and Tonite, that they do not only tell stories on the sports news itself but also stories outside that field like the controversies that an “athlete” is going through, or stories of those people, though they are not athletes, that are part in sports industry. Just like in Philippine Star Ngayon, it said that “Arum ayaw pakawalan si Miguel Cotto”, Arum is just a promoter but not an athlete but he is one of the story under sports page. I’ve also noticed that most tabloids put the sports page at the end page. However, unlike People’s Journal Tonight, their sports section is at the middle of the page where if you will open it in half, you will see it right away. This is one strategy if you want to give emphasis on the sports page aside form front page. This strategy made possible by other tabloids like Philippine Star Ngayon, Abante, and Tonite, in their entertainment page. These three tabloids allotted several page in the entertainment section because as we all knoe, Filipino are craving for gossips from the latest happenings in showbiz. Whereas the entertainment page of the English format tabloids is at the back or second to the last page.

In terms of the advertisements, I can say that for advertisements, unlike in broadsheets where they can extend their paging if they want to for the advertisements. I also noticed that they placed the advertisements on their right page, for example in the Sports page of Abante, they placed a whole page advertisement of the PBA fight, Powerrade vs. Talk ‘n Text, which is appropriate for the person reading on that section.

Also in entertainment page, there are puzzle games, jokes, the usual zodiac sign and comics as well. However, the content of their comics is not really advisable for children to read this kind of content. It contains mature and violent scenes that children need to have the guidance of their parents while reading the newspaper. also if we are going to rate the content of the whole newspaper especially the tagalong format tabloid, it it is really a need to not let the children to read this kind of newspaper alone because like what I’ve said, the content is not advisable for small children.

All I can say now here is, newspapers have become part of our daily live and it will forever be; bringing news, updates, what to talk about etc, but because of the evolution of media nowadays, the purpose of newspapers are not only just for informing the public what is going on in the community, but also it is a business that targets public interest for consumerism.

Text 27 Jan Comparative Analysis (Broadsheet)



Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is undeniably the country’s most widely read and circulated newspaper. With over 2.7 million nationwide readers daily, it enjoys a market share of over 50% and tops the readership surveys. Not only is it the most read among all sectors and ages, it is also the country’s most trusted source of hard-hitting news and countless exposés. Distinguished by award-giving bodies like the Catholic Mass Media Awards, Jaime Ongpin Awards for Investigative Journalism and Anvil Awards, it is the Philippines’ most awarded broadsheet with over 200 awards and citations (Retrieved from: http://www.inquirer.com.ph/awards.asp, January 27, 2012).


Manila Bulletin


Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation operates in the Newspapers sector. Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation (Manila Bulletin) is a Philippines-based newspaper company. The Company is engaged in the publication of Manila Bulletin, which is published seven days a week; the Philippine Panorama, a Sunday weekly magazine; and Tempo, a daily English tabloid, and monthly magazines including Agriculture, Cruising, Sense and Style, Animal Scene, and Sports Digest. Manila Bulletin also publishes Balita, the daily newspaper in Pilipino and the weekly vernacular magazines Liwayway in Tagalog, Bannawag in Ilocano, Hiligaynon in Ilonggo and the Bisaya in Cebuano. Manila Bulletin Sports Digest publishes articles, athletes’ profiles, sports trivia, current news in the sporting world for sports aficionados and healthy entertainment. Sales of our newspapers and magazines are done through agents, dealers, retailers, subscriptions and direct sales. As of December 31, 2010, apart from its head office and newsroom, it had 14 branches in the Philippines. In our complete report available for purchase the company is compared to: Post Publishing Public Company Limited (The), Nation Multimedia Group Public Company Limited and Sandesh Limited (Retrieved from: http://www.corporateinformation.com/Company-Snapshot.aspx?cusip= C60857320, January 27, 2012).


The Philippine Star

            Philstar.com is a Philippine news and entertainment portal for the Filipino global community. It is the online presence of the STAR Group of Publications, a leading publisher of newspapers and magazines in the Philippines.

Our publications include The Philippine STAR, one of the leading English broadsheets in the country; Pilipino STAR Ngayon, a tabloid style newspaper published in the national language; Freeman, Cebu’s oldest English language newspaper; Banat, a tabloid published in Cebuano; and People Asia Magazine, which profiles personalities in the Philippines and the region. 

From its modest beginnings in August 2000 as the online edition of our banner publication, The Philippine STAR, philstar.com has grown in content and reach over the years.

On our 10th year, we offer our readers a new and improved site with easier navigability, better-organized news content, as well as more interactive tools and features. Our goal remains the same – to keep Filipinos, wherever in the world they may be – in tune with the events taking place in the Philippines and in synch with the needs and trends of the times and in touch with the rest of the world (Retrieved from:, January 27, 2012).



If we are going to read different kinds of broadsheets, we will notice that their content or the issues that they feature are similar. Just like the January 24, 2012 issues of Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin and The Philippine Star, they all feature in their front page the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Asia, also in their FrontPage; the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona was included. Though the issues they presented are the same, they only differ on the way they presented the issues or how they highlighted the issue that would probably catch the attention of the readers, factors like the sizes or color of the photos; the font sizes and font color of the letter of the headlines, etc; which of the issues are given this kind of approach for them to give emphasis on the issue. For instance, on the frontpage of Philippine Daily Inquirer, they posted a large colored photo showing a huge fire that swept Barangay Tanza-Esperanza in Ilo-Ilo City in relation to the Chinese New Year because this tragedy happened during the Chinese New Year, then they also have a medium size colored photo of the Filipinos celebrating the Chinese New Year, however, though they have a big pictures of that issue, the font sizes of the letters of the titles of their front page news is not that big unlike the issue on the impeachment of CJ Corona, though they did not put any pictures on it, they highlighted the issue by making the font size of the letters of the headline big and bold. Another instance is the frontpage of the Manila Bulletin where they also posted a big and colored photo about the celebration of the Chinese New Year but the big font size of letters gave to the issue on Department of Education; in The Philippine Star the huge photo was given to Katy Perry’s concert in the Philippines but the big letters gave to the issue on Chief Justice Renato Corona. This only shows that these newspapers are using different strategies for the issues they feature will notice by the readers, it is now depends on the readers which news will they give focus first or which one will they give more focus on. 

This is not only applicable on frontpages but also to other parts of the newspaper, like the Sports Page, where they include local and foreign sports; but how they give emphasis to which issue are the readers going to read. For example, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin posted big pictures of the happenings in the sports industry either local or foreign, but Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine Star put a colored photos on the local sports and just a plain black and white to the foreign sports, while in the case of Manila Bulletin, it laid a colored photos on the foreign and black and white to the local sports. So what does it mean? For me, if they laid the picture in colored, it means that it is special, that they give more importance to that issue than to the black and white one. This will have an effect what the readers should focus on because colored pictures catches more attention from the readers because it can be easily seen by the naked eye, with its vivid colors, it will definitely catch people’s attention. So, I can say that Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine Star bring more emphasis on the local sports news unlike in Manila Bulletin, they give more importance to the foreign sports news. This case is just the same with the Entertainment Page, where they also feature local and foreign entertainment news. 

In relation to that, the newspapers act of emphasizing the issue of what should the reader must focus on is linked to what kind of audiences they are targeting or who are their usual client. There are factors that help us to identify the kind of readers that the newspaper is targeting; 1.)Writing style –how it is constructed, are the terms use appropriate for their target audience or is it understandable by everyone, 2.) Content –what type of story that stands out.

First is the writing style, three of them used English language in their composition of articles, they did not use highfaluting words and uses an understandable terms. Actually, according to our Filipino professor, Prof. Jomar Cañega, broadsheets are using Grade 4 level of English grammar so that it is readable and understanble by everyone. However, as I read some articles from the three broadsheets, I noticed some dissimilarity on the style. For me, I observed that writing style in Manila Bulletin is more sophisticated than Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star. Though it is still comprehensive, I can see the elegance of it compared to the two. Maybe because it really targeted foreigners and professionals unlike the two newspapers, I can say that it is really a newspaper for Filipinos on the middle or high class, because they capture the taste or preference of the Filipinos.

Second is the content, again, compared to Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin comprises a several and detailed stories. Aside from the parts of the newspaper that we know, Manila Bulletin has something else, they have a page on the important events in schools and universities, it also have picture page where beautiful photographs are placed. Another is that, Manila Bulletin placed many business news which covers the business news in the world unlike in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star, it is mainly on local business news. Another thing I noticed is their obituary page. Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star are just posting a condolence or announcement that this person is dead and I think the space is being bought by whoever wants to give sympathy to the deceased person, and also they have a list of funeral homes/parlors containing the contact numbers and addresses. The contents are also the same in Manila Bulletin, however, in Manila Bulletin, they include news articles about a particular person being dead which makes it different from the two.

In terms of the advertisements, I can say that they really allotted a large portion of page in placing those advertisements. I also noticed that they placed the advertisements on their right page, for example in the Lifestyle Page, commonly the advertisements posted in there are about health care and beauty which is appropriate for the person reading on that section.

All I can say now here is, newspapers have become part of our daily live and it will forever be; bringing news, updates, what to talk about etc, but because of the evolution of media nowadays, the purpose of newspapers are not only just for informing the public what is going on in the community, but also it is a business that targets public interest for consumerism.

Text 12 Jan P-Noy ikaw ay P-Noy ipakita sa mundo… (Reflection on the issue about the tweet of Valerie Concepcion that P-Noy is having fun in the Christmas Party during the Cagayan de Oro Tragedy)


            It seems like Filipino people see President Noynoy Aquino as a super hero that will save us from all of our problems, I mean all of our problems. From the first day he was elected by people to be the president of the country, people expected too much from him that every little step he make is being noticed. Actually, there are a lot of them and I know that many are aware of that, and the most recent issue of him that gain so many negative reactions and judgement from the social networking sites and from the netizens is the tweet that posted by Valerie Concepcion.

            It was just a one tweet of the Kapamilya star Valerie Concepcion that made the people draw negative comments to P-noy. It happened during the disaster brought by the Typhoon Sendong that brought so many casualties in Cagayan de Oro. Her tweet said; "Done w/ work.. Tnx for having me.. :) It was nice to see Pres. P-Noy laughing at my jokes & enjoying my performance..ü #Malacañang #PSGNight"

This tweet was misunderstood by so many Filipino people that are connected to social networking sites which  reacted negatively on the issue saying that P-Noy have a time enjoying and having fun with his staff while people in Cagayan de Oro is in sorrow for the tragedy they had experienced.


If we are going to connect this in communication aspect, we can trace the components of the communication process, in this case since communication is evolving, there are modern technologies that involve in this process. The SOURCE of the message is Valerie Concepcion spreading the information through twitter what had happen to the Christmas Party. The MESSAGE is of course is that she is in Malacanang and that she is happy to see President Noynoy Aquino laughing at her jokes and enjoying her performance which misunderstood by the netizens. The CHANNEL is the famous social networking site Twitter that millions of people are connected to it, which means that there is also a millions of RECEIVER that had read the tweet and created negative feedback from what she had said. And of course the EFFECT of this is that there are many prejudices and speculations from the people not only the netizens but also those people who  are not joining in the social networking sites and the people who don’t even know the whole story. This issue made the image of P-Noy become to filth again.

            All I can say here is, people are giving wrong judgements on the issue they do not even know the whole story behind it. And of course for those people who are into social networking sites, we should be more careful on using the twitter or any social networking sites because people have different understanding on the stories you are posting or creating in SNS because as we all know we are now connected to modern technology that can bond people and clash people as well.

Text 8 Jan Limited Effects Theories

One of the media effect theories that strike me most is the limited effects theories. Limited effects theories tell that those individual and social characteristics led audience members to be influenced (or not) by media. What emerged was the view that media influence was limited by individual differences (for example, in intelligence and education), social categories (such as religion and political affiliation), and personal relationships (such as friends and family). Limited effects theories are composed of different theories that emerged from this era of the first systematic and scientific study of media effects. One of this is the two-step flow theory.

Based on my understanding on Lazarsfeld’s theory, is that the media influence on people’s behaviour towards decision making was limited by the outside factors Lazarsfeld termed it as opinion leaders and opinion followers. Opinion leaders – people who initially consumed media content on topics of particular interest to them, interpret it in light of their own values and beliefs, and then passed it on to opinion followers – people like them who had less frequent contact with media.


We ca connect it to the Philippine context on the current situation. For instance, news plays an important part in our daily lives; it gives a daily update on what is happening in the world. And there are only two types of news, the bad news and the good news. If we are going to observe the content of the news programs broadcasted on television or written in newspapers, there is more bad news that is being presented than the good news. According to the relative impact investigation made by the researchers in California, which aimed to measure the amount of good news and bad news in newspapers and to measure readers’ recall of stories that represented good news and bad news, A total of 559 telephone interviews were completed within one week of good news and bad news stories selected from the October 16, 1978 newspapers. The content analysis of papers showed an approximate split among good, bad, and indeterminate news, with a slightly higher bad news percentage overall (Retrieved from http://www.eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal/search/detailmini.jsp?_nfpb=true&_&ERICExtSearch_SearchValue_0=ED177593&ERICExtSearch_SearchType_0=no&accno=ED177593). Why? Because bad news can catch more attention from the audiences, this results for the media practitioners to find for more bad news than the good news, for example the smash of typhoon Sendong in Cagayan de Oro that killed many of people, Compostella Valley Landslide, Ramgen Revilla Murder Case, etc. An in connection to that, media practitioners give priority too much on the issues that fits to the curiosity and interest of the audience, just like the issue of the Ramgen Revilla Murder Case,. People followed the never ending story of Ramgen Revilla and the Revilla clan; from the finding of suspect to the sex scandal of his girlfriend Janelle Manahan. People had brought too much attention on this issue that the other issue that is more important is being set aside. So what happen in here is that, media is depending on what people want to see and hear, this proves that media influence is being limted.


Another thing, this theory developed one of the most influential communication research theories, the attitude change theory. This was led by Carl Hovland which explains how people’s attitudes are formed, shaped and changed through communication and how these attitudes influence behaviour. Among the most important attitude change theories are the related ideas of dissonance and selective processes. Dissonance theory argues that when confronted by new or conflicting information people experience a kind of mental discomfort, a dissonance. As a result, we consciously and subconsciously work to limit or reduce that discomfort through three interrelated selective processes. These processes help us ‘select’ what information we consume, remember, and interpret in personally important and idiosyncratic ways. Best example of this is again the issue on the Rangen Revilla Murder case, But because so much content is symbolic rather than informational, other theories see the selective processes as relatively unimportant when it comes to explaining media’s contribution to some important cultural effects.

Text 7 Jan

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